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Server Address: ionizationgaming.net

If that doesn't work, try mc.ionizationgaming.net:25566. Also, tell me.

How to join the server:

  1. Go to Forums>Minecraft>Applications and copy the application and start a new topic, paste it, and fill it out.
  2. One of the admins will post on your topic that you have been validated and whitelist you on the server.
  3. Download IPL (You must be validated). You will use this to automatically download, patch, and run Minecraft to connect to the server.

Starbound server updated to r642

13 Mar 2014

Posted by Salax In: Announcements

I thought I updated it the day it came out, but apparently I didn't. Sorry about that.

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V. Enraged Koala Update Status

18 Feb 2014

Posted by Salax In: Announcements

There was another Starbound update.

Changelog: http://playstarbound...la-patch-notes/

Steam is down, and until it comes back up, I won't be able to get the update. I'm not sure how long that will take.

Edit - I've started the upload process.


Edit 2 - It should be working now. I'm at school so I can't test it, but the server appears to be up.

Also, since I'm on the topic: feel free to give your friends the connection address/password, they don't have to waste their time asking me individually. Just be smart about who you tell, please.

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V. Furious Koala Update Status

30 Jan 2014

Posted by Salax In: Announcements

Edit -- The update is complete. If the server won't let you connect, try using the address "sb.ionizationgaming.net:31025" instead. If that fixes it, let me know.


As you probably noticed, a Starbound update came out a few days ago and the server wasn't updated. I've been extremely busy between school, work, and ArcticLAN planning, but I started the update process today. Because Starbound doesn't offer a direct server download, I'm having to upload the entire update from my home internet connection, which takes forever and a half. Hopefully it will be done by the time I get back from work tomorrow and I can complete the process.


Here's the changelog, in case you didn't read it already:




  • .ds_store issue affecting OSX 9.1 users (A bug where Finder created an invisible file called .ds_store in the player folder which caused the game to crash).
  • A number of character creation/selection screen crashes related to loading corrupted save files
  • An issue that could prevent the launcher from starting (MSVCRT.dll)
  • DirectX crash bug (303 bug)
  • Several memory leaks, including the slow-but-significant server memory leak a lot of people were experiencing and GUI memory leak
  • Fixed a crash bug related to GUI controls
  • Reduced memory load of FTL animation
  • .abc files with comments no longer crash the game, plus various .abc fixes as far as key signatures/timing
  • A number of issues with players spawning underground
  • A bug where players spawned outside the ship if they’d previously saved the game while in the Captain’s Chair
  • Right shift key was not working as a shift key, now it is
  • An issue tech slots were unusable under certain conditions
  • Wiring system fixes– wires are rendered below UI elements, wires no longer break when crossed into an unloaded sector
  • Added image metadata caching, improved assets caching
  • Added a jeep mech that was supposed to have been in the last patch, but had mysteriously gone missing!
  • Object flipping issues
  • Sped up the crafting window
  • Fixed a sound issue that occurred after many concurrent weapon hits
  • Characters no longer blink while sleeping in beds
  • Assorted minor performance improvements



  • New game modes! Permadeath and drop-everything-on-death modes.
  • Revolvers, pulse rifles, hand grenades, shivs, Floran needlers, Floran thorn hammer
  • Human guards now wear soldier uniforms
  • More decorative hats! Yay, hats!
  • More random encounters
  • Possibly more content, if it’s finished on time!


We also lose our characters, worlds, everything. Starbound is a very unforgiving beta.

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Ionization Starbound Server is Open

28 Dec 2013

Posted by Salax In: Announcements


Rain and I recently bought Starbound. It's fun. So fun, in fact, that I decided to open a server for it. Because Starbound has junk security, you have to PM me or Rain for connection details. Hopefully this will change in the future, but that's what we're stuck with for now. 

Read the rules

PM me

PM Rain

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Planned Downtime

18 Oct 2013

Posted by Salax In: Announcements

The server that hosts the website, game, and backend IPL services will be down tonight while I update it to Ubuntu 13.10. It should take less than 30 minutes.


Edit -- I've moved it to Saturday night.

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